We begin the journey early in the morning from Chennai. We will meet at the departure point and travel by bus to reach Tiruvannamalai.

Morning: Walk through the first corridor of the temple, introducing the tradition of fire worship ion human society, prehistoric background of Thiruvannamalai and an introduction to the temple. We will be visiting the 1000 pillared hall, main gopuram, 16th century shrines in the first corridor.

Evening: Later in the evening you would get an introduction to the historic past of the temple, walking around the second and third corridors, majorly developed in the last 6 centuries. This session will also through light on the inscriptions and the architectural contributions of the cholas, hoysalas, later Pandyas, Vijayanagara and Nayak kings.

Post Dinner: join us for a silent walk for around a kilometer around the sacred Arunachala hills.


Morning: After breakfast the finishing lap will cover the inner most corridor of the temple, with a few old sculptures of deities, amazing bronze images and the darshan at the shrines of Siva and Parvathi. We will get to listen to the rituals practiced in the temple, details about the festivals and local traditions.
Evening: Post lunch there is an optional visit to the local bazzar outside the temple complex to enjoy the visual beauty of the colouful shops and pick a few souvenirs